Request for a Redetermination for an Aetna Medicare Prescription Drug Denial

Because Aetna Medicare denied your request for coverage of (or payment for) a prescription drug, you have the right to ask us for a redetermination (appeal) of our decision.  You have 60 days from the date of our Notice Denial of Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage to ask us for a redetermination.

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Medicare Appeals Part D
Medicare Appeals Part D
If you or your prescriber believe that waiting 7 days for a standard decision could seriously harm your life, health, or ability to regain maximum function, you can ask for an expedited (fast) decision. If your prescriber believes that waiting 7 days could seriously harm your health, we will automatically give you a decision within 72 hours.  If you do not have your prescriber's support for an expedited appeal, we will decide if your case requires a fast decision.  You cannot request an expedited appeal if you are asking us to pay you back for a drug that you already received.
Medicare Appeals Part D

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